Pilgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga

Founded: 1873

Named by a digger, Alec Patterson, who found gold he believed would enable him to rest after a long pilgrimage, seeking fortune.


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The entire town of Pilgrim's Rest was declared a National Monument in 1986.

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List of structures:

Alcock's Restaurant: 1913.
Bank: 1906.
Halfway House: 1904.
Iron Store: n.d..
Lodge Blyde: 1904.
Mona Cottage: 1907 : 1997.
Mount Sheba Lodge: 1960s.
Mrs Mac's General Dealer: c1890.
Old Print House: n.d..
Pilgrim's and Sabie News: pre 1900.
Post Office: c1911.
Robber's Pass: 1983.
Rose Cottage: pre 1897.
Royal Cottage: 1894.
Royal Hotel: c1890s.
Royal Liquor Store: 1919.
St Mary's Anglican Church: 1884.
St Mary's Hall - Town Hall: c1900.
ZAR Road Bridge over the Blyde River (Joubert Bridge): 1897.