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Mona Cottage
Pilgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga

Date:1907 : 1997


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24°54'36.41" S 30°45'27.96" E Alt: 1299m

Extant but reconstructed.

The building dates to ca 1907 and the lease was registered in the name of Valentine Gardner, who was employed by the TGME [Transvaal Gold Mining Estates], and the husband of Felicity Augusta Gardner. On 1 February 1912 the lease of this stand was transferred into the name of J. du Prat. Dr. Henry Hutchinson, District Surgeon, leased the stand and building, referred to as "... the old building belonging to the Company ... " from the TGME from December 1912 until August 1914 for the purpose of Consulting Rooms. J. H. de Jager rented this building from the TGME for two months in 1915. Thomas Whitson Paterson must have bought the building from the TGME as he leased the stand from 1915 until 1929, when he sold the property to Jacobus Albertus van Graan. The first reference found of the name Mona Cottage is in a letter from Van Graan to the TGME dated 5 March 1929 in which Van Graan refers to "... the house known as Mona Cottage ..." Van Graan did not pay all the money owed to Paterson and the building was sold in July 1931 to Joseph Ferguson Hydes who was employed by the TGME. Hydes sold the property to Henry Cederig Jones in 1935. In 1950 Jones sold the building to Barbara Katherine Meur who leased the stand from the TGME until 1954 when she sold the house to Elsie Aletta Slabbert. The building was demolished in 1960 and was reconstructed according to historically correct specifications in 1997.

(Rene Reinders. 2016:Item 17. Submitted by Annelise Lange)

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