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Author:Walters, Dennis
Title:Bridging the Eastern Cape : the life and work of Joseph Newey
Place:East London
Publisher:Coral Tree Press

Book Summary

This book has been written about bridges, of the stone arch and iron lattice girder variety. It is about a Civil Engineer and his works, and is written by another Civil Engineer. The book will obviously appeal to Civil Engineers, both in South Africa, the UK and elsewhere and to lay people who would enjoy reading about the origins of old bridges within the South African historical landscape. This book qualifies as historical Africana, about a subject which has not been researched or written about by anyone else. It could become a travel companion, as all the existing bridges have been clearly identified on a large map of the Eastern Cape, complete with Satellite Navigation co-ordinates. There are beautiful colour photographs of all the major bridges, with special emphasis placed on the stone arch bridges, as may be seen on the dust cover. We are all familiar with bridges, perhaps taking them for granted, however, many people have an interest in bridges, given by the large number of books available on various international bridges. This book aims to add to the record of the history of civil engineering works in South Africa.

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Buildings linked to this book

Blaine Bridge - First, Gonubie River, 1895, Komgha, Eastern Cape. pp 122 B23
Brabant Bridge, Gonubie River, 1896, Gonubie, Eastern Cape. pp 122 B21
Breidbach Bridge - Yellow Woods River, 1899, Qonce (King William's Town), Eastern Cape. pp 122 B25
Bridge over the Keiskamma River, Line Drift, 1892-1894, Peddie, Eastern Cape. pp 91, 103, 123, 129
Bridge over the Mthatha River, 1893, Mthatha, Eastern Cape. pp 124 B40
Carlisle Bridge - Great Fish River, 1863, Makhanda (Grahamstown), Eastern Cape. pp 54, 121 B16
Clough Bridge - Great Fish River, 1873, Makhanda (Grahamstown), Eastern Cape. pp 120 B11
Fort Brown Bridge - Great Fish River, 1898, Fort Brown, Eastern Cape. pp 120 B14
Frere Bridge - Orange River, 1880, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape. pp 80, 82, 83, 120 B13
Juta-Olivier Bridge - Grobbelaars River, n.d., Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. pp 126 B52
Katberg Pass Bridge, 1899, Balfour, Eastern Cape. pp 91, 103, 129
Kraai Road Bridge, 1879-1881, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape. pp 80-81
Loch Bridge - Kraai River, 1893, Barkly East, Eastern Cape. pp 11 ill, 95 ill, 96
Newey Bridge, Convict Station Drift, 1933, Qonce (King William's Town), Eastern Cape. pp 103-104
Newey Suspension Bridge - Convict Station Drift, 1897, Qonce (King William's Town), Eastern Cape. pp Front-piece ill, 101, 102 ill, 104
Petersen Bridge - Kwelera River, 1897-1899, Kwelera, Eastern Cape. pp 122 B22
Rail Bridge over the Great Kei River, 1907, Komgha, Eastern Cape. pp 69
Road Bridge over the Buffalo River, 1873, Qonce (King William's Town), Eastern Cape. pp 40-45, 120 B10
Road Bridge over the Great Kei River, 1879, Komgha, Eastern Cape. pp 60-71
Road Bridge over the Tina River, 1898, Tina Bridge, Eastern Cape. pp 124 B41
Road Bridge over the Tsitsa River, n.d., Qumbu, Eastern Cape. pp 125 B42
Road Bridge over the Umzimvubu River, n.d., Mount Frere, Eastern Cape. pp 125 B43
Temporary Timber Bridge over the Great Kei River, 1877, Komgha, Eastern Cape. pp 62 ill, 63
Tsocha River Bridge, 1894, Peddie, Eastern Cape. pp 103, 129
Victoria Bridge - Kat River, 1844, KwaMaqoma (Fort Beaufort), Eastern Cape. pp 55, 57, 58, 59, 72-75
Wagon bridge over the Mbashe River, 1893, Idutywa (Dutywa), Eastern Cape. pp 124 B39
Xalanga Road Bridge - Tsomo River, 1890, Cala, Eastern Cape. pp 9 ill, 92-93 ill

People or firms linked to this book

BAIN, Andrew Geddes. pp 46, 72, 73, 77
BERKLEY, George. pp 55, 60, 81
DE SMIDT, Abraham Daniel. pp 42
LEWIS, Griffith George. pp 73, 74, 75, 77
NEWEY, Joseph. pp 1-115
SELWYN, Charles Jasper, Major. pp 73, 75