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List of Projects


Born: 1933 06 23
Died: 1998 06 22


Reg No: 1800
Year registered: 1957

Undergraduate training in architecture at the University of Cape Town. Awarded the RIBA Rome Scholarship (1957). After two years in Rome, studied under Louis Kahn and David Crane at the University of Pennsylvania. Visiting lecturer to several US schools. Joined the Faculty of Architecture at UCT (1967); Professor of Urban and Regional Planning (1970); now Professor of Architecture and Planning. Has received design awards. Believes in a small office in which work is given personal attention, and therefore has a studio at home. In 1985 was in association with N ROZENDAL (cf UYTENBOGAARDT & ROZENDAL); at the time of the Steinkopf project. was in partnership with Ian MACASKILL.

(UIA Issue 8, 1985)

Roelof S UYTENBOGAARDT was the Sophia Gray Laureate in 1990.

Recipient of the Gold Medal Award from the South African Institute of Architects in 1998.

Was a recipient of the Medal of Honour for Architecture by the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns posthumously in 1998.


1933: Born 23 June in Cape Town.

1950: Matriculated at Voortrekker High School, Wynberg, Cape.

1955-1956: Assistant to architects Koppel Brown, Kitwe, Zambia. Worked on an African market and House Hepworth

1956: Bachelor of Architecture (first class with distinction) University of Cape Town (UCT). Thesis: 'A Marine Biological Centre.' 'U.C.T. School of Architecture exhibition.' Architect and Builder February 1957:34-36. 'University of Cape Town annual exhibition of students' work.' S.A. Architectural Record March, 1957:26-27.

1957: Awarded RIBA Prix de Rome (Rome Scholar), so becoming the first South African architect to win this prize:

"For the first part of the competition Mr. Uytenbogaardt did elevation and section sketches for an exhibition centre in a big city. It took him less than the prescribed 32 hours unbroken work. For the final he had 12 weeks in which to do a complete design for a Houses of Parliament situated in a Mediterranean climate.
Mr. Uytenbogaardt will leave for Rome in September or October." (Architect and Builder August 1957:64)

1958 - 1959: University of Pennsylvania. Awarded Penn scholarship and Kahn Scholarship in Architecture, both for a two-year period of academic study. Obtained the Cape Tercentenary Grant for travel in the USA. Post-graduate study at Penn.

1960: "Changes of addresses for the month ended 31st January, 1960
Uytenbogaardt, R.S., from Via Gramsci 61, Villa Guila, Rome 51 to Office of Foreign Students, 108 Logan Hall, Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania." (S.A. Architectural Record March 1960:35)

1961: Awarded degrees 'Masters in Architecture' and 'Masters in City Planning'. American Institute of Planners Award for Academic Achievement. A member of a team to re-plan certain sections of Chicago.

"Everyone on the Faculty of the School of Fine Arts has recognized that Roelof is perhaps the most talented designer we have ever graduated out of this school. I have had the pleasure of having Roelof in my two studio courses and I'm quite sure that I have learned more from him than he has learned from me." (Extract of a letter written by Prof David Crane, University of Pennsylvania to Uytenbogaardt's father in Cape Town cited in Architect and Builder July 1961:32)

1961-1963: Chief planning designer and project planning officer, Boston Redevelopment Authority. Involved in a renewal programme of action for the City of Boston. Lectured by invitation in urban design at Harvard, MIT and Boston Architectural Centre.

1963: Returned to Cape Town. Appointed as Assistant Studio Master, School of Architecture, UCT. Opened a practice with PJ PELSER as architects and city planners. Designed Hugo van Zyl shop and a Home for the Aged (project) in Paarl. School for the Cape Provincial Administration, Parow.

1964: Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) seminary, Cape Town (project). Church for the DRC, Welkom.

1965: Opened own practice as architect and city planner. Shop Hugo van Zyl, Paarl awarded the Cape Provincial Institute of Architects (CPIA) Bronze Medal for the year 1964:

"The three predominant characteristics for which this building is commended are:-
  1. The fine creative concept which has been followed through and which extends consistently into every detail of the design.
  2. The manner in which the contained space and dramatic movement through this space has been integrated into the function of the building: and the highly significant way in which natural lighting has been employed.
  3. The skill with which the constructed fabric of the building, both inside and out, and the design idea, have been fused into a fine unity.
…a building which constitutes a significant contribution to the architecture of the Cape." (CPIA citation in S.A. Architectural Record 'C.P.I. Bronze Medal. June 1965:41; also Architect and Builder 'Cape Institute Awards its Medal.' April 1965:16b)

1966: Visiting critic in urban design at Penn for six weeks. Goodwood development plan with Barac, Hirsch, Field. Small hotel, Worcester (project). House Seaforth (project). Uytenbogaardt R.S. B.Arch., M.Arch. (Penn.) M.C.P. (Penn.). Uytenbogaardt R.S. 'The New Urban Environment.' Paper presented at architects' Congress, Durban. (S.A. Architectural Record. November 1966:22-24)

1967: Senior Lecturer/Studio Master, UCT. Bonwit Clothing Factory, Salt River, Cape Town for Truwell (Pty) Ltd. House Mellini (project). Garden and pool Suter (project). Member of Faculty Board of Fine Art and Architecture.

1968: Visiting critic in urban design at Columbia University for seven weeks. Bonwit Factory awarded the CPIA's Bronze Medal for outstanding buildings completed in 1967:

"Even if this building were not as efficient a technical solution than it is, it would be important as representing a phase in the evolution of architecture in this country." (last sentence of CPIA citation S.A. Architectural Record May 1968:13).

1969: Shell offices, Bethlehem, OFS (project). Depot for Shell International, Ceres (project)

1970: Professor and Head, Department of City and Regional Planning, UCT. Gunners Circle retail, Epping

1971: Member of Senate UCT and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Fine Art and Architecture. Senior Partner, UYTENBOGAARDT, MACASKILL & SCHNEIDER, urban designers and city planners. Terminal Report Crown Mines Properties May 1971. Roelof Uytenbogaardt, with Tony BARAC, C.D. BURDE, Tony and Adéle DE SOUSA SANTOS, John MOYLE. Greig D. A Guide to Architecture in South Africa. Cape Town: Howard Timmins. 1971. Greig's book contains brief descriptions of the Welkom Church (1964) and Bonwit Factory (1967).

1972: Beach front development, Jeffreys Bay (project)

1973: Werdmuller centre, Claremont – shopping centre and offices for LHC Property (Old Mutual).

1974: Founder member of the Urban Problems Research Unit (UPRU), UCT. Dido Valley, Simon's Town Group Housing.

1975: Garden of Remembrance, Simon's Town. House de Wet, Caledon. Three court yard houses, Constantia. House Uytenbogaardt (alteration) and studio begun, Wynberg. Uytenbogaardt R.S. 'The private sector playing a role in the provision of low cost housing.' Building in the Cape. Proceedings of NBRI symposium. S106 Vol 1 2/7:1-4. 28-30 July 1975.

1976: Belhar housing – 180 units for the Chamber of Commerce. Wale L. 'Werdmuller Centre, Claremont, Cape.' Architect and Builder May 1976:2-3.

1977: Dean, Faculty of Fine Art & Architecture. Sports Centre, UCT. Partnership UYTENBOGAARDT and MACASKILL Urban Designers and City Planners. Mitchell's Plain – urban design and 2 500 units.

1978: Belhar – planning and urban design for housing project of 300 units for Divisional Council, Cape. Steinkopf Community Centre. Dorman Housing Development, Hout Bay (project). 'The UCT Sports Centre.' Architect and Builder January 1978:2-5; '[Werdmuller] Shopping centre under attack.' Architect and Builder November 1978:24

1979: Deputy Dean, Faculty of Fine Art and Architecture, UCT. UYTENBOGAARDT & ROZENDAL (in association) architects/urban designers/planners. 'Werdmuller Centre, Claremont, Cape.' Architect and Builder May 1979:2-3. 'Garden of Remembrance.' Architecture SA September 1979:22-23

1980: House van Jaarsveld, Stellenbosch. Islamic Cultural Centre, Madrid (international competition submission). 'Steinkopf Community Centre.' Architecture SA Spring 1980:11-13

1981: Sports complex and stadium, University of the Western Cape.

1982: Group housing project for 18 dwellings, Kuilsriver. Offices, shops and townhouses for Loewenstein Beleggings in Welgemoed (project). Uytenbogaardt R. 'Belhar a Housing Project Commissioned by the Divisional Council of Cape Town.' Architecture SA November/December 1982:31-33. '1982 Project Awards – Sports Stadium UWC.' Architecture SA March/April 1982:14-15

1983: Community Centre, Belhar for Divisional Council, Cape

1984: Home for the aged, St Johannis Heim (invited architectural competition – first prize). '1984 Project Awards. Minor community hall.' Erica Extension 9. Architecture SA 1984:27-29

1985: First Director of combined School of Architecture and Planning (January to June). Professor of Architecture and Planning: Head of programme in Urban Design and City Planning. Urban design scheme for The Place, Hout Bay for the Divisional Council, Cape. Beck H. editor. 'Uytenbogaardt & Rozendal. Community Centre, Steinkopf (1978-80).' UIA International Architect London: International Architects Publishing Limited. 1985:12-13. Dewar D. and Uytenbogaardt R.S. 'Urbanization and City Management: The Case of South Africa.' UIA International Architect London: International Architects Publishing Limited. 1985:66.

1986: Hout Bay Public Library. Campus and new library for Witwatersrand Technicon (competition entry). 'Three 1984 Project Awards Built. Minor Community Hall, Erica Ext 9, Belhar, Cape.' Architecture SA July/August 1986:36-39.

1987: Urban scheme for District Six. 'Sports complex and stadium, University of the Western Cape.' Architecture SA July/August 1987:24-27. ISAA Awards of Merit for 'Community Hall at Belhar' and 'UWC Sports Stadium' Architecture SA November+December 1987:28.

1988: Community Hall, Belhar for Divisional Council, Cape. Hout Bay Post Office. 'ISAA Project Award - Salt River Community Centre Client: Blackpool Sports Club.' Architecture SA November/December 1988:22. Uytenbogaardt R. 'Le Corbusier as urban planner.' Architecture SA March/April 1988:13-15

1989: Durban Museum and Library (competition). District Six – Technikon Proposal. Mariannhill Settlement Plan, Durban. House Davies (1989-1993). Uytenbogaardt R. & Rozendal N. 'Design report on the museum and library complex, Durban.' Architecture SA March/April 1989:22-25. Uytenbogaardt R., Rozendal N. & Dewar D. Greater Mariannhill Structure Plan.

1990: House Uytenbogaardt, Kommetjie

1991: ISAA Award of Merit for Hout Bay Public Library Architecture SA 'Merit Awards 1991: Cape. Uytenbogaardt & Rozendal. Hout Bay Library.' November+December 1991:20. Dewar D. & Uytenbogaardt R.S. South African Cities: A Manifesto for Change. University of Cape Town.

1992: Springfield Terrace, District Six

1993: Border Hotel, Pacaltsdorp (project)

1994: Uytenbogaardt R., Rozendal N. & Dewar D. Marconi Beam Planning Proposals. Uytenbogaardt & Rozendal. 'Four Libraries.' Architecture SA May+June 1994:31-34

1995: UWC Sports Centre/Olympic Bid Venue. Dewar D. & Uytenbogaardt R.S. Creating vibrant urban places to live: A primer. Cape Town: Headstart Developments. 1995. Lange R. 'Poised Pavilion.' Architectural Review March 1995:84-85

1996: Uytenbogaardt R., Mayet M., Dewar D. & Todeschini F. Kliptown, Schematic Urban Design. 1996.

1997: Uytenbogaardt R.S. Dewar D. and Todeschini F. 'A philosophic approach to settlement- making.' Unpublished report prepared for the CSIR Pretoria. 1997. Report used as basis for chapters in A Framework for Settlement-Making. CSIR. Chapter 2 available at CSIR: Built Environment Dodd H. 'Rand Mines Properties: Case Study in Design and Development.' Unpublished MArch thesis. Faculty of Fine Art and Architecture, University of Cape Town. 1997.

1998: Died shortly before he was awarded the Gold Medal of Honour by the SA Institute of Architects. Obituary by Prof F Todeshini in UCT's Monday Paper Vol 17 No 18 June 22 1998.

1999: Named Financial Mail's Architect of the Century by the panel Prof L BREMNER, Wits University; K MOLEKO and O NKABINDE. Stafford L. 'Architect of the century: Roelof Uytenbogaardt.' Financial Mail. 17 December 1999.

2000: Exhibition of Uytenbogaardt's work in Old Town House, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town. Silverman M. 'Urbane thinking. An exhibition of the work of architect Roelof Uytenbogaardt is a nostalgic tribute to South Africa's most significant urban thinker.' Mail & Guardian July 28 to August 3 2000.

2003: Southworth B. 'Urban design in action: the City of Cape Town's Dignified Places Programme – implementation of new public spaces towards integration and urban regeneration in South Africa.' Urban Design International Volume 8 Number 3. Oxford Brookes University. September 2003: 119-133.

2006: Vio G. Roelof Uytenbogaardt - Senza tempo/Timeless. Padova: Il Poligrafo casa editrice.

2007: Murray N. 'Roelof Uytenbogaardt Senza Tempo/Timeless.' Book review. Architecture South Africa July/August 2007:92-93.

2009: Wolff I. 'Werdmuller centre – an artifact of an ephemeral context.'

2010: Townsend S. 'Werdmuller: Can/should it be saved?' Architecture South Africa May/June 2010. 4-5; Murray N.F. 'Architectural modernism and apartheid modernity in South Africa: a critical inquiry into the work of architect and urban designer Roelof Uytenbogaardt.' Unpublished PhD Thesis. Department of African Studies, University of Cape Town. 2010.

(Basil BRINK, October 2011)

Main sources

R.S. Uytenbogaardt's Biography (p167) in Vio G. 2006. Roelof Uytenbogaardt – Senza tempo/Timeless. Padova: Il Poligrafo casa editrice.

Back issues of S.A. Architectural Record, Architect and Builder and Architecture South Africa.

For the full biography by Basil BRINK on the UNISA website - Click Here

He was listed as an assistant lecturer in the staff registers of the University of Cape Town in 1966 an 1967 and as a lecturer in 1968-1970.

List of projects

With photographs
With notes

180 units for the Chamber of Commerce: 1976. Belhar, Cape Flats, Western Cape - Architect
Bonwit Clothing Factory: 1968 : 2009. Salt River, Western Cape - Architect
Gunners Circle retail centre: 1970. Epping, Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect
House de Wet: 1975. Caledon, Western Cape - Architect
House Uytenbogaardt (alteration and studio): 1975. Wynberg, Western Cape - Architect
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Welkom Wes: 1964. Welkom, Free State - Architect
Public Library: 1987-1989. Hout Bay, Western Cape - Design Architect
Remembrance Garden: 1977. Seaforth, Simonstown, Western Cape - Architect
School: 1963. Parow, Western Cape - Architect
Shop Hugo van Zyl: 1963. Paarl, Western Cape - Architect
Steinkopf Community Centre: 1978-80. Steinkopf, Northern Cape - Design Architect
Three Court Yard Houses: 1975. Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect
University of Cape Town, Sports Centre: 1977. Cape Town, Western Cape - Design Architect
Werdmuller Centre: 1976. Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape - Architect


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