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Bonwit Clothing Factory
Salt River, Western Cape

Roelof Sarel UYTENBOGAARDT: Architect

Date:1968 : 2009
Status:Adaptive re-use


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33°56'07.54" S 18°27'25.88" E Alt: 43m

CPIA Bronze Medal 1968.

Extant, but almost unrecognisable after conversion into flats 2009 .

The building was very highly regarded and considered to be one of South Africa's finest examples of New Brutalist Architecture.

It was also know as The Truworths Factory.

In 2009 it was converted in flats, and called "Upper East Side." Sadly the conversion was heavy handed and unsympathetic to the architectural merits of the original design. The land around the building was also over developed resulting in the original being obscured from view and feeling "crowded in".

(Gerald Humphrey, May 2022)

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