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Steinkopf Community Centre
Steinkopf, Northern Cape

Roelof Sarel UYTENBOGAARDT: Design Architect

Type:Community Centre
1985SAIA Award of Merit


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29°15'45.74" S 17°43'51.48" E Alt: 833m

The Steinkopf Community centre is a notable design in South Africa's Architectural history and was awarded an SAIA Award of merit. Only phase 1 of a more ambitious project was ever completed. The Louis Kahn influences are clear in the design. It's multiple flying roofs were justified as shade making devices but sometimes derided as the designer's folly. The centre point of the programme is the main hall attached to an extended spine. It was built partly from community labour.

Sadly the building fell into disrepair and later no longer used. Although it has been significantly vandalised the basic structure is still largely intact.

It's only function now is the play place for the local children and an escape from Steinkopf's harsh sun. It remains arguably Uytenbogaardt's most pure design.

[Mike BELL, January 2012]

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