Steinkopf, Northern Cape

Founded: 1821


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The original Nama settlement was situated at Bijzondermeid 5km south of present day Steinkopf. In 1818 a Rhenish Mission Station was established and in 1821 the mission was moved to current Steinkopf (then known as Kookfontein) due to a perennial spring that is still flowing today.

Rev Brecher later renamed the town Steinkopf in honour of the German minister in London. Today Steinkopf serves a large communal stock farming area and many inhabitants work on the outlying mines in Namaqualand.

[Northern Cape Tourism Authority (NCTA)]

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List of structures:

Anenous Pass: 1869-1876 ; 1950-1953 ; 1976.
Steinkopf Community Centre: 1978-80.