Knysna, Western Cape

Founded: 1882


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See the Knysna Historical Society.

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List of structures:

All Saints Church: 1876. Oakhurst,
Belvidere Church: 1855.
Belvidere House: 1849.
Church: 1967.
Duthie Church: 1851-53.
Elandskraal: 1912.
Fraser's Royal Hotel: n.d..
Freespan Bridge, The: 2006. Thesen Island,
Fyfe's Pharmacy: 1923.
Grendon House: 1904.
Holy Trinity Church - Belvidere: 1851-53.
Knysna Fort - Thomson's Folly: 1901.
Knysna Market Hall: 1909.
Lychgate, St Georges Church: 1935.
Market House: 1909.
Masonic Hall: n.d..
Melville's Building: c1876 : 1922.
Methodist Church: 1892-1893.
Millwood House - Museum: c1880.
Monorail Bridges, The: 2005. Thesen Island,
Municipal Offices: 1963.
N2 Road Bridge over the lagoon: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1960. Karatara,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1922.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1904-1905.
Nysna Station - Campsite of WJ Burchell: 1814.
Parking Shed, The: 2005. Thesen Island,
Passes Road: 1867-1882 (1887).
Phantom Pass: 1862.
Public School: 1916.
Railway Bridge over Goukamma River: n.d..
Railway Bridge over road: 1926.
Red Bridge: n.d..
Sawtooth Building, The: 2006. Thesen Island,
School: 1914.
Solvang House: 1905.
St Boniface's Catholic Church: 1950.
St George's Anglican Church: 1849. Newhaven,
St George's Anglican Church - Second: 1926-1928.
Templeman's Arcade: 1883 : 1913.
Thesen & Co Saw Mills: 1916.
Thesen Island Pedestrian Drawbridge: n.d..
Town Hall: 1909.
Turbine Hotel & Spa: 2010. Thesen Island,
War Memorial: 1926.