Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal

Founded: 1864

Named after the British Secretary for the Colonies, the Duke of Newcastle.


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List of structures:

Bridge over the Buffalo River: 1898.
Carnegie Library - Art Gallery: 1915.
Civic Centre: n.d..
Convent (St Dominic's?): n.d..
Fairleigh School: 1936.
Fort Amiel: 1878.
Hilldrop House: c1868.
Holy Trinity Anglican Church: 1961.
Holy Trinity Church - Proposed: 1895.
Hotel for Belfast & Co Down Railway Company: 1895.
Iscor Head Office: n.d..
Lutheran mission church: 1874.
Madadeni Hospital: c.1966. Madadeni,
Madadeni Hospital: n.d..
Memorial Hall and Library: 1879.
Mosque: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1906.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1950-1951.
O'Neil's Cottage: 1870.
Old Armoury: c1860.
Post Office, Newcastle: c1890.
St Dominic's Academy: 1892-94.
St Dominic's Academy Pavilion: 1916.
Town Hall: 1897.