Elim, Western Cape

Founded: 1796


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Moravian mission station. The mission precinct comprising the farmstead of the old farm Vogestruyskraal where the farmhouse served as parsonage and various outbuilding converted to missionary facillities with the church as centre was declared a National Monument in 1975 in its entirety and is now a Provincial Heritage Site.

Notice of Declaration [See SAHRIS]

4828 Gazette Date: Friday, August 29, 1975
NoticeNo: 1638
Notice Date: Friday, August 29, 1975

The mission centre of the Elim Mission Station in its entirety, with the historic buildings thereon, consisting of the church, parsonage, shop, mill, the original farmhouse, and the houses inhabited by the shop manager, the minister and the deacons, situate on certain portion of abolished quitrent land in the Division of Bredasdorp, known as Vogelstruys Kraal and measuring 2 831 morgen and 96 square roods.
Deed of Transfer 18759/1959. dated 22 December 1959.

Historical and architectural interest

The historic mission centre of Elim dates from 1824 when the Moravian Church purchased the farm Vogelstruys Kraal and started laying out the mission station. The farmhouse was adapted as a parsonage and with the rapid economic growth a mill was built towards 1830. The church was originally erected in 1835 and enlarged in 1865. All the buildings in the historic mission centre of Elim form a harmonious whole and a unique architectural group.

J. P. VAN DER SPUY, Minister of National Education.

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List of structures:

Memorial to the Emancipation of Slaves: 1938.
Mission Store - Heritage Office: 1898.
Moravian Mission Church: 1834-1835.
Moravian Mission School: n.d..
Post Office: 1894/95.
Watermill: 1828.