Pretoria Regionalism


(See also – Third Vernacular, Regionalism, Critical regionalism)

Pretoria Regionalism can be characterised by the following aspects:
  traditional plan-forms
  rustic brick, either directly as clinker or as whitewashed stock
  low-pitched iron roofs
  deep shaded eaves and verandas
  sun-shy windows
  sensitivity to landscape and land features
  an architecture responsive to climatic constraints.

Pretoria Regionalism was evident in the work of DE ZWAAN, McINTOSH and EATON. EATON was soon to move towards an adaptation of the Modern Movement, partly as a response to the bad weathering of the taut-skinned and flat-roofed idiom of the International Style buildings under Transvaal conditions. His was friends with Preller and his clients included Pierneef and Van Wouw, artist and sculptor.

Buildings on this website in Pretoria Regionalism style
Hillcrest Swimming Pool and facilities: 1940s. Hillcrest, Pretoria, Gauteng