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Government Building - Compol Police Museum
Tshwane (Pretoria), Gauteng

Sytze Wopkes WIERDA: Design Architect

Type:Government Buildings
Street:Pretorius Street


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25°44'53.38" S 28°11'12.44" E

This was originally the Government Buildings, later Compol when taken over by the Police.

Very French in design, this pleasing building would have seemed more at home on a Paris boulevard than facing onto the dust and mud of a street in the days of the old Transvaal Republic. Rising from a heavily rusticated base pierced only by the round-topped windows of the ground floor, the upper floors were of rose red brick with ochry stone dressings; the various mouldings were vaguely Greek: key pattern, acanthus and anthemion. Originally there were canopied folding canvas sunblinds that projected over the windows, a touch of continental gaiety once shared by quite a few Pretoria buildings before the advent of air-conditioning.

(Picton-Seymour, 1977: 278)

The building was restored in the early 1990s by the husband and wife team Enla and Jaco MINNAAR.

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