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Customs House
Central, Cape Town, Western Cape

Anton ANREITH: Artist
Herman SCHUTTE: Contractor
Louis Michel THIBAULT: Architect
Herman SCHUTTE: Architect

Type:Customs House
Style:Mannered Neo Classical
Street:Caledon Square, Cape Town


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33°55'36.55" S 18°25'29.26" E Alt: 15m

Built to designs of LM Thibault, possibly modified by Schutte. The sculptured arms in the pediment were carried out by Anreith. The date on the pediment is 1814.

Built as the Customs House it was later used as a Granary and in 1824 was converted to be the Caledon Square Police. It later housed the Public Works Department. In 2011 the building was being restored.

Transcript of Cape Town Environment and Heritage plaque:


The Old Granary was built as a dwelling and warehouse in 1809 by Jacob Hendricks, an ex-VOC baker.

Soon after the Colonial Government bought it for use as a Customs House and the front facade was redesigned with the current pediment carrying the British Coat of Arms and the figures of Neptune and Britannia - attributed to Thibault, Anreith and Schutte. Between 1817 and 1819 it was converted to a granary for the storage of barley and oats used as horse feed.

in 1827 a House of Correction to incarcerate 'riotous and abandoned women' was established here.

Later it was used as a magistrate's court and then offices of the Colonial Civil Engineers and Public Works department.

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