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Stellenbosch, Western Cape


From: "A History of Koshuisrugby at Stellenbosch", by Isabelle E Huys, Thesis for the degree of Master of Sport Science at Stellenbosch University, 2008.

1.4.1. Residences
Where did the students stay around 1880? Before residences were established, most of the students lived in private houses, usually in a small room at the back of the house; where the atmosphere was everything but ideal for studying. Residences in fact began to grow from private houses, where the owners demanded a very high degree of discipline from the students. The Young Men's Home established in 1884 was the first residence of the Gymnasium of Stellenbosch. This residence was successful and it became necessary to look for expansion within other buildings. The first building of this residence was called Prima, and subsequent residences were called Secunda, Tertia and Quarta. The entire complex was called The Home.

From: "Henry Allan Fagan 1889-1963" by Queenie Fagan (Privately published by J Fagan, Cape Town, 1975).

pp 30-31: "As student loseer Henry in Quarta, Wilgenhof, maar die langste by Tertia. (...) Was dit miskien in Tertia dat Henry sy eerste wetskonsultasie gehad het? Want dit was daar dat 'n groep verontwaardige Tertia-manne hom in sy kamer kom raadpleeg het. Hul huismoeder, wat gereeld vir hul om nege-uur saans 'n koppie kakao aangebied het, het dan nou skielik opgehou daarmee - net so, sonder verklaring - en nou wou hul weet; kan hul haar dan nie wettig verplig nie?! Kakao ofte nie, mev Van Niekerk het blykbaar van Tertia 'n gewilde tuiste gemaak.

(...) So stap hul dan onder die akkerbome, langs die Eersterivier, nou oor die bruggie, dan skuins links en daar - net daar sou hul ou Tertia kry. Hul soek en soek, maar nee - Tertia het verdwyn: Stellenbosch se eerste ou Kollegekoshuis was gesloop."

"As a student Henry lodged in Quarta, Wilgenhof, but for the longest period in Tertia. (...) Perhaps it was in Tertia that Henry had his first legal consultation? Because here a group of indignant Tertia men once came to consult him in his room. The matron, who had regularly offered them cups of cocoa at nine in the evening, suddenly ceased to do so - just like that, without any explanation - and now they wanted to know if they could legally oblige her to continue?! Cocoa or no cocoa, Mrs van Niekerk had made Tertia a popular residence.

(...) They walked under the oak trees along the Eerste River, then across the little bridge, then to the left and there - just there they would find old Tertia. They searched and searched, but no - Tertia was gone: Stellenbosch's first old College residence had been demolished."

Translation by Lila Komnick, November 2017.