Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Founded: 1679

Named after Simon van der Stel


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List of structures:

101 Dorp Gallery and Studio: 2010?.
Akkerhof: 1966.
Andmar: 1972.
Blaauwklippen: n.d..
Bloemhof Girls' School – Stellenbosch University Museum: 1907.
Bloemhof Seminary (Theological College) alterations: 1905.
Blyhoek: 1824.
Bonfoi: n.d.. Bottelary,
Box House: n.d..
Boys' High School, hostel, adds: 1920.
Bruply Sawmills: n.d..
Capitec: 2020.
Christelike Jongelingen-Vereniging : Hofmeyrsaal: 1874.
Christelike Studente Vereniging, Head Office: 1939.
Coetzenburg, refurbishment: c1833 : 1893/1903.
College Library: pre-1905.
Concord (student accommodation): 1964.
Continental Butchery: 1954.
Cottage Hospital: pre-1905.
Cuthbert and Co Building, rebuilt: 1934.
Cywes Commercial and Residential Building: 1955.
Divisional Council Offices: 1935.
Drostdy alterations, Secretary's house and store: 1811.
Duiwehok - Dovecot (Meerlust): n.d..
Farmhouse: pre-1911. Muldersvlei,
Farmhouse for Mr G Christie: pre 1954.
Farmhouse for Mr Spottiswoode: pre 1954.
Garage with showroom and 20 flats: 1954.
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1970.
Groenhof: 1780.
Grosvenor House: 1790.
Helderzicht: 1965.
Hofmeyrsaal: 1874.
House AH Culver (?): n.d.
House Archer: 1971.
House Bester: 1959.
House Bix: 1976.
House Blommaert: 1982.
House Botha: n.d..
House Brink: 1964.
House Carstens: 1987.
House Coetsee: 1969. Uniepark,
House Dessau: 1933.
House Du Toit: 1956.
House Erlank: 1954. Krigeville,
House Friedlander: 1955. Krigeville,
House Göldner: c1960.
House Haydorn: 1954. Krigeville,
House Heyns: 1956.
House Hoogenhout: 1958.
House Jal Smit: 1983.
House Jordan: 1953. Dalsig,
House Kappelhof: 1957.
House Krüger: 1964.
House Lubbe: 1956.
House Malan: 1953.
House Malherbe: 1976.
House Maske: 1957. Dalsig,
House P.E. Pahl: 1954.
House Pauw: 1958.
House Prof A MacDonald: 1918.
House Schwiegers: 1988. Dalsig,
House Scully: 1981.
House Semmering: 1955. Fonteintjiesdorp,
House Straszacker: 1955. Krigeville,
House Taljaard: 1960.
House Trümpelmann: 1954. Krigeville,
House v d Heyden: 1988.
House van Aarde: 1970. Welgelegen,
House Williams: 1968. Uniepark,
Ida's Valley Housing: 1975.
Ikhaya Trust Centre: 2008?. Kayamandi,
Joinery, Showrooms, Flat: 1954.
Kruithuis - Powder Magazine: 1777. Die Braak,
Kweekskool - Theological Seminary: c1900.
La Gratitude: 1798.
Lanzerac - Schoongezicht: n.d. : 1830. Idas Valley,
Libertas Parva: 1783 (or soon after).
Lutheran Church: 1852-1854.
Meerlust: 1693 : 1776.
Mostertsdrift Retirement Home: 1986.
Murray Street No 1: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1926.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1926. Central,
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Moederkerk: 1863.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk - Welgelegen: 1972.
Nooitgedacht: n.d..
Old Nectar - Nektar: 1815. Jonkershoek,
Old Stellenbosch Gymnasium: n.d..
Oom Samie se Winkel: 1904.
Oude Werf Hotel: 2015.
Poor School: c1905.
Powder Magazine: 1777.
Railway Station: n.d..
Rhenish Institute, new school: 1904.
Rhenish Mission Church: 1823.
Rhenish Parsonage: late 1700s.
Rhenish Primary School: 1974.
Rust en Vrede Farm Complex: 1998.
Rustenberg, wine cellar, reconstr & remodelled: 1928.
Saambou: 1975.
Saxenhof: c1704 : 1885.
School, alt: 1906.
School, hostel for girls: 1911.
Schoongezicht - Lanzerac: n.d. : 1830 : 1914. Idas Valley,
Schreuderhuis: 1709.
Sebastian Schreuder House: 1709.
Several villas 'in the area': pre-1910.
Sinkhuis: 2015.
Spier: n.d..
St Mary's Church: 1853. Die Braak,
Stellenbosch Boys' High School - Paul Roos Gimnasium: c1896.
Stellenbosch House: 1983.
Stellenbosch House 2: n.d..
Stellenbosch House 3: n.d..
Stellenbosch Museum: n.d..
Stellenrust: n.d..
Sybrand Mankadange Building, The: 1962.
Synagogue: 1923.
Tertia: n.d..
Theological Seminary - Kweekskool: c1900.
Theological Seminary and Library in connection with the 'Boys'High School': pre-1910.
Tokara Winery: 2000.
Town Hall: 1938-1941.
Uitkyk, Muldersvlei for Melck family, attrib: 1788.
University of Stellenbosch Agriculture Building: n.d..
University of Stellenbosch Chemistry Building: n.d..
University of Stellenbosch hostels, including Dagbreek: 1926.
University of Stellenbosch Library Building: n.d..
University of Stellenbosch Rugby Ground Grand Stand: 1930.
University of Stellenbosch, Administration Building: 1931.
University of Stellenbosch, Coetzenburg swimming bath: n.d..
University of Stellenbosch, Conservatoire Building: 1978.
University of Stellenbosch, Department of Education - Opvoedkunde-gebou: 1913.
University of Stellenbosch, Domestic Science building: 1932.
University of Stellenbosch, Harmonie Hostel: 1905.
University of Stellenbosch, Langenhoven Student Centre - Neelsie: 1970-75.
University of Stellenbosch, Library, Theological Seminary: 1976.
Uva Mira Winery: n.d..
Victoria College - Old Main Building - Ou Hoofgebou: 1886.
VOC Kruithuis - Powder Magazine: 1777. Die Braak,
Vredenburgh Cottages for CJ Rhodes: 1900.
Welmoed: c1780-1834.
Wesleyan Church: 1876.
YMCA bldg: 1874.
YMCA Hall: pre-1905.