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Soffiantini's Castle
Nahoon, East London, Eastern Cape

LANE, OSMOND and ALBERT: Architect 1949
Roy BRIDGE: Architect 2001

Date:1949 : 2001


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32°59'02.39" S 27°55'50.24" E Alt: 64m

The house was built in 1951 by Jean Baptise Soffiantini. It began deteriorating in 1975 and part of it was turned into various small flats. In 2001 it was bought by local businessman, Avril Kaschula and was restored but with major alterations and remodeling.


In 1949 Jean Baptiste Soffiantini appointed the architect's practice of Lane, Osmond + Albert to design alterations and additions to an existing house called WINDYGATES, situated at the corner of Drake Road and Princess Alice Drive on Div A of AJB Remainder of Lot 6A in Nahoon, East London.

The original Lot No 6a - in extent 2 Morgen 317 Square roods 2,79 Square Feet of Land - had been granted to S Bertelsen on 25 July 1881. Soffiantini's property was described as Division A (in extent 1.6 Hectares) of AJB of Remainder of Lot 6A, Nahoon and had been sub-divided and sold to Soffiantini in 1938 from Division AJP which was purchased in 1924 by Arthur Jutting Page.

In 1929 a right of access to the bank of the Nahoon River had been granted - to the then owner - over the property to the north.

The architect's drawing describes major additions and alterations to an existing house to create a distinctive, single story Italianate style house with a circular domed tower, a square corner tower with a hipped roof and a parapet wall concealing a flat concrete roof. This was very clearly the beginnings of the Castle that was to come.


Original Council submission drawing held in the archive of the East London branch of OSMOND LANGE ARCHITECTS.

William Martinson, January 2020.

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