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Mpozolo Trading station
Willowvale district, Eastern Cape

Type:Trading Station


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32°09'40.49" S 28°46'47.09" E Alt: 323m

There were 3 houses at Mpozolo Trading Station.

The first was a stable built circa 1901 and converted into a small house circa 1903. It was demolished in about 1962 after my grandmother passed away. She had forbidden its demolition during her lifetime.

The second (main) house, with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, was built by my grandfather in the 1930's. When Mpozolo was sold to the Xhosa Development Corporation (XDC), the magistrate ordered that this house be used as a clinic. When I last saw it about 14 years ago it was still a clinic of sorts. The living room was the reception office containing only a table and 2 chairs occupied by two nurses. There was a bed in one of the bedrooms. The rest of the house was empty. The Esse stove had been ripped out of the kitchen and the water supply going to the bathrooms had been disconnected. The roof had leaked in places and ceilings were collapsing in the affected areas.

The third was a three bedroom house built circa 1947 for our family after my dad came back to run the trading station. This became the XDC manager's house and then the home of Mr Wentzel (or Wessels?) who later bought the station. It burnt down in the last 10 years or so. The current owner lives at Bashee mouth and commutes to Mpozolo.

Provided by:
Robin Wood, grandson of Oscar Wood, the first trader at Mpozolo Trading Station.
August 2015

(Submitted by William MARTINSON)

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