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LINDHOUT, Simon Pieter van Wijngaarden

Born: 1868 09 15
Died: 1932 07 07


Born in Tholand, Zeeland in the Netherlands. His father was Johannis Van Wijngaarden Lindhout and his mother Elizabeth Johanna Smits. He left in 1894 as a trained builder and carpenter (Ploeger, 1994: 87). He married Willemina Lindhout (nee Lindhout - possibly a cousin) on 3 December 1896 in Tholand. Lindhout was employed in the Departement van Publieke Werke of the South African Republic in Pretoria from 1 January 1895 as Draughtsman (2nd Class) at an annual salary of £225, which rose to 350 by 1897. The Longland Directory of 1899 records his position as Draughtsman 1st class, which would be his status until the outbreak of the South African War when he joined the Hollander Corps, serving in Platoon IV, where he saw action at the Battle of Elandslaagte and was captured and deported as prisoner of war to St Helena (Ferreira, 1977: 186). After the War he was back in the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT in Pretoria (Transvaal Colony) until at least 1907 and was appointed first grade draughtsman from 1912. By 1915 he was listed as an architect in Johannesburg. He appears to have remained in the PWD for the duration of his career. He is recorded as having attended a dinner to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Battle of Elandslaagte in Pretoria in 1929 (Schoeman, 2011: 157). He died in Pretoria.

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