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WAUGH, Edward Henry

Born: 1872
Died: 1948 11 16


Year registered: 1927

Was a civil engineer and chief town engineer for Johannesburg by 1908. He was born in Melbourne, Australia , educated at Wesley College and Melbourne University and was articled in 1891 to Thomas Anthoness and John Edmund Burke of Melbourne. He remained in this office until 1894 when he set up practice on his own account in Melbourne. In 1898 he left for South Africa. He was first employed by as a surveyor by the Cape Town Corporation in building regulation work until he left for England in 1899 to study architecture at King's College School of Architecture, London, studying under Professor Elsey Smith. He does not appear to have been studying long before the Anglo-Boer War broke. He enlisted with the Artillery and returned to South Africa where he served with the Rand Rifles. After the war he remained in Johannesburg, employed as a building surveyor with the Johannesburg Municipality and was also chief of the architectural branch. In 1907 he was town valuer for the Johannesburg Town Council, becoming chief of the Town Engineer's Department. In this position he was responsible for the supervision of the building of the Johannesburg market building in Newtown and for the municipal abattoir as well. He also supervised the building of district fire stations, among other municipal buildings. Waugh had a keen interest in the architectural profession and in 1912 was elected an Associate member of the RIBA.

SOLOMON who had resigned the position after a brief period, as Editor of Building , the Journal of the Association of Transvaal Architects. He considered his predecessor as a destructive critic who had nothing to put forward to replace what he threw down..

He succeeded ANDREWS as Town Engineer in 1927 10 01 and in 1928 became City Engineer until his retirement on 1932 06 30, followed by HAMLIN.

He entered into a brief partnership with his son Edward Walter Rail WAUGH in 1939, styled WAUGH and WAUGH.

He was the author of numerous articles on a variety of subjects published in the contemporary professional journals. Waugh had an exceptionally long career in the municipal hierarchy and for about thirty years hardly a municipal building decision was taken without his being in some way involved. In 1932 he was appointed a member of the New Townships Board. He assisted in the foundation and administration of the Architects' Benevolent Society (initiated by HG VEALE after the depression of 1906/ 1908) and was a member of numerous other societies. Waugh died in Johannesburg and Waugh Avenue in Northcliffe, Johannesburg is named after him.

Soc of Archts (London) SA branch, Hon Sec of the Soc and President of this Society from 1911-12; MSA, MTIA; Pres SASA 1911; Hon Life Governor British & Foreign Bible Society; examiner in sanitary work for the Transvaal University College; SA examiner for the London Soc of Archts in sanitation; President TPIA 1927; FRSI ARIBA Johannesburg 1912; ISAA 1927; M Inst C E. (ARIBA nom papers (1912) AB&E Oct 1928:13-15; Afr Archt Nov 1911:125-26; Building Jun 1918:154; Building Jun 1923:67; Herbert 1975; ISAA mem list; Jnl ATA Jun 1916:12; RIBA Jnl 1921-2:62-3; SAAR Mar 1927:21-7; SAAR Jan 1933:27; SAAR Feb 1949:47 obit; SAWW 1908; Smith 1971:571)

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All truncated references not fully cited in 'References' are those of Joanna Walker's original text and cited in full in the 'Bibliography' entry of the Lexicon.

List of projects

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Clarendon Circle: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Crematorium: 1931-1932. Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Highlands Stairs: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
House Waugh: c1907. Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Kensington Stairs: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Melville Stairs: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Rand Pioneers Memorial: 1932. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Architect
Stone Bridge: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Stone Bridge - Gleneagles Road: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Stone Bridge - Hilson Road: n.d.. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Stone Bridge - Parkhurst: n.d.. Parkhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer
Westcliff Stairs: 1929-1933. Johannesburg, Gauteng - Engineer

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