Building [Architectural Journal]


In 1916, in the war years of the First World War, the Association of Transvaal Architects produced Building on behalf of the Journal Committee as a non-proprietary journal and official mouthpiece of the ATA. This was to replace the now defunct African Architect (1911-1914).

JM SOLOMON became the first editor in February 1916 but resigned as both editor and as a councilor of the Association of Transvaal Architects in December 1916 in protest over the proposed registration of architects.

EH WAUGH succeeded Solomon as editor in 1916 . He considered his predecessor as a destructive critic who had nothing to put forward to replace what he threw down.

As a non-proprietary journal it was not sold but distributed for free to all members of the ATA as well as those of those members of the Natal Institute of Architects as well as the Eastern Province Society of Architects members, the Orange Free State Institute of Architects, the South African Institute of Quantity Surveyors, those of the Society of Architects and the members of the Town Planning Association (see Herbert 1975: 16).

Ernest Marston POWERS was the the editor from 1918 until 1925 when the journal was replaced by The South African Architectural Record.