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Born: fl. 1884
Died: 1893



There is a reference to one FJ van Dyk in Pretoria in 1888, presumably connected with building since he was mentioned in connection with PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT work. Atkinson (1969: 78) records him as being a member of the Pretoria Club in 1891 and his profession as Architect. One L van Dyk was listed in the General Directory of South Africa of 1898-1899. In the same directory VAN DYK & DE ZWAAN are listed together. Additions were made made to Sammy Marks's house in the 1890s and these were probably carried out by DE ZWAAN & VAN DYK. Various adverts appear in De Volkstem of the time stating that the partnership DE Zwaan & van Dyk had relocated to Bank Lane opposite Dr Nessels laboratory (De Volkstem 1889-07-15), and later advertising a call for tenders by DE Zwaan and Van Dijk [sic] for the construction of a Villa and two Villas in the block on erf 620 Skinner Street for Fred Jeppe and the Transvaal Mortgage and Loan Company (De Volkstem 1889-09-16).

(General dir of SA 1898-99; TAB 1893 13489 PW/2/BR604/88; De Volkstem 1889-07-15; De Volkstem 1889-09-16)

Atkinson, A.K.W. 1969. Old Ivory and Roses. The Pretoria Club. Pretoria: Wallach's Printing & Publishing Co. 1969

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