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Born: fl. 1902
Died: 1933


Was born in Bridgewater, Somerset, England in and educated at the Collegiate School, Bridgewater and privately. He was articled to Samson & Cotham, architects and surveyors in Taunton. According to the Civil Service Lists of the Orange River Colony he was appointed to the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT in the Orange River Colony in April 1902 and was appointed Secretary for Public Works and chief architect of the Orange River Colony in July 1905. By 1908 he was still the chief architect to the government of the colony and as a result was responsible for the design and execution of numerous public buildings of this period. These works included new buildings at Grey College and the foundation buildings of Grey University College in Bloemfontein, today forming part of the University of the Orange Free State. Taylor was architect in charge of the Legislative Council Chambers and offices of the Government Buildings in Bloemfontein. Following the reorganisation of the entire Civil Service upon Union, Taylor was appointed to the post of District Engineer grade 1 in 1912 since by now all public works in the Orange Free State were designed in the PWD in Pretoria. In the same year he transferred to the post of District Engineer to Pretoria where he remained for the rest of his career. In 1931 he retired, resigning from the Institute of South African Architects in 1933.

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List of projects

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Government Buildings - Third Raadzaal - National Museum of Afrikaans Literature: 1875 : 1895 : 1906 : 1911. Bloemfontein, Free State - Design Architect 1911
Grey University College and School - now Grey College: 1906. Bloemfontein, Free State - Design Architect
University of the Free State, Main Building: 1907-1909 : 2008. Bloemfontein, Free State - Architect