Komgha, Eastern Cape


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List of references:

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List of structures:

Battle of Draaibosch Memorial: 1957.
Blaine Bridge - First, Gonubie River: 1895.
Blaine Bridge - Second, Gonubie River: 1962.
Border Light Horse Drill Hall (Charing Cross) : Town Hall: 1899 : 1932.
CGR Stone Culvert: 1905.
Dick King Memorial: 1942.
Fort Linsingen: 1877-1878.
Fort Warwick: 1878.
Great War Memorial 1914-1918: n.d..
Komgha Public Library: 1893.
Komgha Public School - Komga Junior School: 1911.
Magistrate's Court: 1894.
Magistrate's House: n.d..
N2 Road Bridge over Great Kei: 1977.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1910.
Rail Bridge over the Great Kei River: 1907.
Rail Bridge over the Great Kei River: 1947-1949.
Railway Station: c1920.
Railway Tunnel - The Spiral: c1905.
Road Bridge over the Great Kei River: 1879.
Royal Hotel: n.d..
Spiral Halt: 1907.
St Paul's Anglican Church: 1866.
Standard Bank: 1923?.
Survey Pile: c1862. Sihota,
Target Stone, Fort Warden Farm: 1835.
Temporary Timber Bridge over the Great Kei River: 1877. district
Town Hall: 1899 : 1932.
Trigonometrical Survey Beacon, 57 M0 0P: c1950. Sihota,
Warden's Post - Fort Warden: c1835.