Touws River, Western Cape

Founded: 1883

The name "Touws" originates from a Khoi word for ash


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Originally named Montagu Road.

The town of Touws River owes its existence to the Cape Government Railways, and to the route that their founder, Cape Prime Minister John Molteno, chose for a railway line over the Hex River Mountains.

The name "Touws" originates from a Khoi word for ash, which also referred to the local "Ash-bushes" (Salsola aphylla). It is uncertain whether the name originally referred to the bushes, to the colour of the soil, or to the colour of the river. Historically, the Touws river was occasionally known as the "Ash river".


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List of structures:

Douglas Hotel: pre 1903.
Konstabel Railway Station: n.d..
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1931.
Touws River High School: n.d. : 1936.
Tweedside Railway Station: n.d..