Robben Island, Western Cape


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Read ROBBEN ISLAND COASTAL DEFENCE 1931-1960 by Marinda Weideman, MA Research Report, University of the Witwatersrand, 31 January 1998.

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List of structures:

60 Pounder Carriage Field Gun: 1918.
Blockhouse: 1943.
Celtic Cross: n.d..
Church of the Good Shepherd: 1895.
Cornelia Battery Engine Room, (Building T199): n.d.. Cornelia Battery,
Dummy Gun - North: 1942.
Dummy Gun - South: 1942.
Faure Pier - Concrete: c1915.
Faure Pier - Timber: 1896.
Garrison Church: 1841.
Harbour Master’s Office: 1965. Murray’s Bay Harbour,
John Craig Hall: 1943.
Kramat of Sheik Sayed Abduraghman Motura: 1969.
Lighthouse: 1862.
Machine Gun Emplacement: 1942.
Model Range Building: c1942.
Murray’s Bay Harbour: 1940 : 1957.
No. 1 Searchlight Emplacement Building: c1941. Robben Island Battery,
No. 2 Searchlight Emplacement Building: c1941. Robben Island Battery,
Pistol Shooting Range: 1968.
Post Office + Telephone Exchange: 1943.
Retief Park Memorial: 1870.
Robert Sobukwe’s House, Building T159: c1941.
Royal Cape Yacht Club Facilities: 1989.
SAN - SAV MRDI Survey Point 'INDIA': 1986-1988.
Searchlight Engine Room (Building T225): c1941. Robben Island Battery,
Stone Pier: 1827.
Swimming Pool: n.d..
Temporary Single Quarters: 1980.
Underground Plotting Room: 1941.
Visitors’ Amenities Building, Murray’s Bay Harbour: 1964 : 1984.