Woodstock, Western Cape

List of references:

Maeder, GA & Zinn, C. 1917. Ons kerk album van Hollandsche kerken en leeraren. Capetown: Cape Times. pp 15

List of structures:

10 double-storey dwellings for J Fisher: 1897.
10 single-storey dwellings for M A Cunningham: 1899.
12 Flats for I Merkel: 1941.
21 single-storey dwellings and 1 shop, for Thomas Gadsby: 1901.
3 double-storey dwellings and 1 shop for Alfred George Bettington: 1902.
4 Flats for J Penkin: 1936.
4 Single-storey dwellings and shop for M Mayers: 1903.
8 Flats for J Cohen: 1935.
9 double-storey dwellings and 1 shop, for Thomas Gadsby: 1902.
All Saints Anglican Church: n.d..
Barclays Bank: 1938.
Bashew Bros. Soft Drink Factory: 1913.
Cabinet Factory for M Harris and Son: 1928.
Corner shop and dwelling for Griffiths and Pender: 1902.
Dwelling for Mr CR Goodspeed: 1886.
Factory for H Berwitz: 1937.
Fairview Estate, 19 dwellings and 1 shop, for Griffiths & Pender: 1902.
Fairview Estate, 73 single-storey dwellings, for Thomas Gadsby: 1903.
Furniture Factory for I Kernhoff: 1927.
Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St George: 1904.
Heynes and Matthews, add: 1939.
Hospital Building: pre-1916.
House Mr Jupp: pre-1910.
J Garlick Building: 1902.
Judge Clothing Factory - Rex Trueform: 1937.
Kodak Building: 1926.
L Vuchten and Co.: 1939.
Lewis Stores Ltd: n.d..
Lobster Factory: 1892.
Masonic Hall, conversion into a social club for the Deaf: 1936-1938.
Methodist Church: 1904.
Military Hospital: pre-1843.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1897.
Offices for Abelsohn: 1950.
Presbyterian Church: 1899.
Pyott's Mill and Bakery: n.d..
Ruth Prowse Art Centre: 1960s ?.
SA Cleaning and Dyeing Works: 1914.
SA Dye Works: 1927.
Sharon Court Flats: pre-1948.
Shop for Mink Bros.: 1950.
Shops, flats: 1937.
Shops/flats for HDF Nelson: 1926.
St Agnes RC School: 1939.
St Agnes's School: 1936.
St Mary's Church: 1878.
St Philip's Church: 1898. District Six,
St Philip's Church, Clergy House: 1902.
St Philip's mission school, additions: 1936.
Strand Hotel: pre 1903.
Table Mountain Canning factory: 1936.
Tobacco Factory for Kramer's Trust Investment Co: 1930.
Trafalgar Swimming Pool: post 1927.
Treaty House: 1900.
Universal House: n.d..
Wade and Dorman Bldg: 1926.
Warehouse and Distribution Centre for Fig Bros.: 1960.
Warehouse for SAA Distributors: 1954.
Wesleyan Methodist Church hall: 1930.
WM Cuthbert Building: 1903.
Woodstock Hospital, Alterations: 1897.
Woodstock Hotel, rebuilt: 1904.
Woodstock School: c1905.
Woodstock War Memorial : 1939-1945: n.d..