Maitland, Western Cape


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List of references:

Maeder, GA & Zinn, C. 1917. Ons kerk album van Hollandsche kerken en leeraren. Capetown: Cape Times. pp 26

List of structures:

British Garment and Swimsuit Company Factory: 1951.
Corporation Abattoirs: 1912.
Corrugated Cardboard Factory: 1938.
Disabled Soldiers Vocational Inst: 1917.
House for B Volsteedt: 1902.
Kramat of Shaykh Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah: n.d..
Maitland Crematorium and Chapel: 1935.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: pre-1911.
Panther Shoe Factory, adds: pre-1948.
Presbyterian Church: 1905.
Secondary School: 1936.
Silver Leaf Bakery: 1950.
Single-storey residence of Reverend Cannon Peters: ?.
Solomon Memorial, Maitland Cemetery: n.d..
Thesen Timber Warehouse and Store: 1904.
Tiger Oats factory extensions: 1938.
Town Hall: 1914.
Union Wool Warehouse: 1933.