Franschhoek, Western Cape

Founded: 1881

Name means 'French glen',


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First settled by French Huguenots in 1688.

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List of structures:

Bien Donné: 1800.
Boschendal: 1812.
House Hugo: c1984.
House Hugo - Cabriere: 1977.
Huguenot Memorial: 1948.
Huguenot Memorial Museum: 1966.
La Dauphine: 1804 : 1968.
La Provence, now Grande Provence: c1760 : 1815 : 1969.
Languedoc Housing for Rhodes' Fruit Farms: 1899-1902.
Maison: 2005.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1847 : 1881 : 1968.
NG Kerk Pastorie: 1927.
NG Kerk Saal: 1963.
Rhone: 1795.
Town Hall: n.d..
Town hall, proposed: 1931.
Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk: 1895.
Volkskas Bank - now ABSA: pre 1964.
Wemmershoek Dam: 1957.
Wemmershoek Dam Administration Building and Purification Plant: 1957.
Wemmershoek Dam Hoist Gallery: 1957.
Wemmershoek Dam Inflow-outflow Control Station: 1957.