Milnerton, Western Cape


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List of references:

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List of structures:

CPL (Agfa) Factory: 1971.
Du Noon Community Health Centre: 2012-2014.
Du Noon Temporary Daycare: 2015.
Hoechst S.A.: 1969.
House Fischer: c1960.
House H Alers Hankey: 1932.
House Sir David Graaff - Zonnekus: 1929.
House van Tonder: 1957.
Lighthouse: 1960.
Milnerton High School: 1958 : 1982.
Milnerton School: 1934.
Radio Transmitting Station: 1933.
Scout Hall: 1961.
T&C Head Office and Warehouse: 1971.
Zonnekus - House Sir David Graaff: 1929.