Alice, Eastern Cape

Founded: 1847


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Named after Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Alice, wife of the Earl of Athlone.The Earl of Athlone was appointed Governor-General of the Union of South Africa and served from 1924-31: Princess Alice accompanied him and was the Vicereine during that period. Lord and Lady Athlone had a coastal beach house constructed at Muizenberg, which still stands today and is one of South Africa's national monuments. The Cape Town Suburb of Athlone was named in honour of the Governor-General and, together with the beach house, is also the only physical reminder of the Athlones' residence at the Cape.

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List of structures:

Alice Hotel: n.d..
Anglican Hostel: 1934.
Benjamin Shap General Dealer: 1910?. Ngwenya siding,
Domira: 1836.
Fort Hare: c1847.
Lovedale College, Main Educational Building: 1841.
Masonic Hall: n.d..
Memorial to Alexander Geddes: 1843 - 1907: n.d.. Lovedale,
Napier Park farmhouse: c1890.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk: 1876.
Presbyterian Church: 1849.
Railway Station: n.d..
Stewart Hall, University of Fort Hare: 1919.
Stewart Memorial Tower: 1908.
Uniting Presbyterian Church of South Africa: n.d.. Lovedale,
Uniting Presbyterian Church of South Africa, Manse: n.d.. Lovedale,
University of Fort Hare - Staff Amenities Building - Staff Centre: 1985.
University of Fort Hare, Administration Buildings: 1978.
University of Fort Hare, Arts Block: 1978.
University of Fort Hare, Beda Hall: 1920.
University of Fort Hare, Christian Union Building: 1930.
University of Fort Hare, De Beers Centenary Art Gallery: 1990.
University of Fort Hare, Dining Hall: 1925.
University of Fort Hare, Elukhanyisweni Hostel: 1941.
University of Fort Hare, Henderson Hall : 1942.
University of Fort Hare, Indoor Sports Complex: 1984.
University of Fort Hare, Iona House: 1923.
University of Fort Hare, Livingstone Hall : 1937.
University of Fort Hare, Natural Science buildings: 1982.
University of Fort Hare, Rondavel Chapel: 1935.
University of Fort Hare, School of Agriculture Auditorium: 2012.
University of Fort Hare, Stewart Hall: 1919.
University of Fort Hare, Wesley House: 1921.
Victoria Memorial Hall: n.d..