Randfontein, Gauteng

Founded: 1890

Named after the original farm meaning 'spring of the ridge'.

List of references:

Richardson, Deirdré. 2001. Historic Sites of South Africa. Cape Town: Struik Publishers. pp 213-214

List of structures:

Church of St John the Divine: 1905.
Communal Centre for the United Hebrew Institutions of Randfontein: 1960s [?].
Gereformeerde Kerk Wesrand: n.d..
Hospital and house, Randfontein Estates: 1934.
House G Bunyard: 1934.
Mynkommissarisgebou: 1989.
NZASM South-Western Line Bridge over the Wonderfontein Spruit: 1895+.
NZASM South-Western Line Railway Station: 1895+.
NZASM South-Western Line Railway Station - Bank: 1895+.
Post Office: 1940.
School: 1950s. Randfontein,
Talkie Theatre/shops, proposed: 1936.
Town Hall: 1930.
Ursuline Convent and School: 1935.