Germiston, Gauteng

Founded: 1887

Named by the founder, John Jack, after his father's farm near Glasgow where he was born.

List of references:

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List of structures:

7 shops for Daitz and Gollach, stand 218: 1927. Georgetown,
A.P.T. Centre: 1967.
Barclays Bank: 1933.
Barclays Bank: 1937.
Barclays Bank, alt: 1937.
Building T Katakuzinos: 1936.
Buildings for Germiston Props: 1936.
Carnegie Library - Germiston Theatre: 1915 : 2018.
Castle Brewery, adds: 1912.
Cenotaph: 1924 : 2018.
Clothing Factory: n.d..
Convent, Germiston: n.d..
Council Chambers for Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council: 2006.
Factory for EA Gypsum Ltd: 1937. South Germiston,
Flats for H Noel Roberts: 1936.
Four-storey block of flats: 1934.
Frederick Mansions: 1934.
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1933.
Germiston Central Air Station - Rand Airport: 1935.
Germiston Central Methodist Church: 1951.
Germiston Central Methodist Church Hall: 1937?.
Germiston Fire Station: 1935.
Germiston Hospital Buildings: 1947.
Germiston Hotel: c1903.
Globe Theatre: 1910s.
Greek Orthodox Church: 1971. Primrose,
Henderson's Bldg: pre-1910.
Hospital adds, Germiston: n.d..
Hospital ext: 1934.
Hostels for Labourers: 1943.
Hotel Alexander: 1912.
House Batesman, Klippoortjie: n.d..
House HV Moon: 1935.
House Protti: 1965.
House Saffer, project: 1932.
House Wey: 1971.
Hume Pipe Co Offices: 1947.
International Hotel: n.d..
Kell-Ann Heights: c1965.
L Flekser Offices and Rolling Mill: n.d.. Wadeville,
Lutheran Church: 1977. Parkhill Gardens,
Luxury flats: 1936.
Masonic Hall: pre-1910.
Masonic Hotel: n.d..
Municipal Offices: pre-1910.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Germiston: 1923 : 1949.
Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Primrose-Môrewag: 1963.
Nederduitse Hervormde Kerk: 1937.
New Germiston Hotel: 1938.
Novitiate: 1934.
NZASM Rand Tram Railway Station: 1892.
NZASM Rand Tram Victoria Street Bridge: 1894-6.
NZASM Southern Line Culvert at Stone Arch Estate: 1894-1896.
Plaster Board Manufactory: 1938.
Police Barracks: 1920s.
Police Barracks: n.d..
Police Flats: 1973. Marlands,
Post Office: 1934 ?.
Presbyterian Church: 1906.
Provident Bldgs: 1935.
Racing Stables for Len Oates: n.d..
Railway Institute: n.d..
Railway Station: n.d..
Shop, Office, Garage and Stables: 1914.
Shops for B Liebman: 1937.
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church: 1905.
St Augustine's Church: n.d..
St Boniface Church: 1910.
Standard Bank: 1940.
Standard Bank (Standard Bank of SA Arc): n.d..
Synagogue: 1903.
Synagogue - Second: 1930.
Technical Institute: 1928.
Town Hall: n.d..
Town Hall: 1933.
Turf Club, Grand Stand: pre-1912.
United Building Society: 1937.
Volkskas Bank: 1950s?.
Volkskas Bank - now ABSA: 1954.
Witwatersrand Technical College, Germiston Branch: 1965.
Wool Factory: n.d..