Cullinan, Gauteng

Founded: 1905

Named after Thomas Cullinan who discovered the diamond pipe.


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List of references:

Greig, Doreen. 1971. A Guide to Architecture in South Africa. Cape Town: Howard Timmins. pp 104

List of structures:

Butcher and Dairy: n.d..
Catholic Church: pre-1908.
Cullinan Recreation Centre: n.d..
Gereformeerde Kerk: 1970.
Managers' Row Houses: n.d..
Masonic Hall: n.d..
McHardy House: 1903.
NEDBANK: n.d..
Railway Station: n.d..
St George's Church: 1908.
Standard Bank: n.d..
Zonderwater Prisoner of War Camp: 1941-1943.