Xhosa Wars


The Xhosa Wars, also known as the Cape Frontier Wars and Gaika Wars, were a series of nine wars between the Xhosa people and European settlers, from 1779 to 1879 in what is now the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The wars saw the beginning of the use of firearms by the Xhosa armies. However the wars were still responsible for the Xhosa people's loss of most of their land, and the incorporation of its people.


First war (1779-1781)
Second war (1789-1793)
Third war (1799-1803)
Fourth war (1811–1812)
Fifth war (1818–1819)
Sixth war (1834–1836)
Seventh war, known as the "War of the Axe" or the "Amatola War" (1846–1847)
Eight war known as "Mlanjeni's War" (1850–1853)
Cattle-killing movement (1856–1858)
Ninth war (1877–1879)