Africa Institute


Africa Institute of the Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns. The choice of 'The problem of Africa’ as the theme for the annual meeting of 1952 was that of Dr. TEW Schumann, and in his address on 'The bio-climatology of Africa' he vigorously called for the setting up of an Africa Institute. The annual meeting of 1955 resolved to establish such an institute as an autonomous body. On 8 Oct. 1955 the Council approved the basic principles of the Institute as a purely scientific and non-political body, and appointed Dr. FJ de Villiers as acting director. The Akademie also undertook the administration and incidental expenditure involved. In the meantime liaison was established with the Afrika-Instituut in the Netherlands, the Africa section of the Department of External Affairs and the South African State Information Office. Since 1 December 1956 the Africa Institute has been accommodated at the University of South Africa. The Government provided an ample allowance every year.