SAIA Rome Scholarship in Architecture


SAIA Rome Scholarship in Architecture:

Prof. Roelof UYTENBOGAARDT and Mr. Jack BARNETT, knowing how influential the Baker Scholarship and Commonwealth Scholarships had been in their own formative years, during 1992, lobbied first the SAIA, then the British School at Rome and the British Council, to re-instate access for a South African Scholar in Architecture to the British School at Rome. These efforts, the political changes in South Africa, sponsorships, funds granted from the SAIA and welcoming attitudes at the British School at Rome, resulted in the first South African Rome Scholarship in Architecture Competition being announced again in November of 1992 - after 32 years of absence.

After 1994 South Africa re-entered the Commonwealth and re-established affiliation to the Commonwealth Association of Architects. This prompted a review of the Scholarship. Henceforth it was to be called "The South African Institute of Architects Rome Scholarship in Architecture". Currently, the scholarship enables the recipient to spend nine months at the British School in Rome.

The SAIA Rome Scholarship in Architecture has been in existence since 1993. It has been awarded five times, excluding one year when it was not awarded.

The awarding of the South African scholarship has always been by means of an architectural competition.

1993-4 David LEWIS
1996-7 Justin SNELL
1998-9 Suzanne HALL
200X-X Peter BUTJENS
2002 Jaco BOOYENS

Extracted and edited from an electronic document authored by Prof Paul KOTZE.