Architect, Builder and Engineer (periodical)


This was the continuing title of The Architect and Builder (August 1917 - July 1918) of which AE SNAPE was co-editor of the periodical with WJ DELBRIDGE, which the latter helped found. It was a Cape Town based monthly publication and mouthpiece for the Cape Institute of Architects, although they did not own the title. The title was changed to The Architect, Builder & Engineer in 1918. The Architect, Builder & Engineer was published from August 1918 until the final issue October to December issue of 1941. At the time of discussions of the Conference on Architectural Education in 1923 the matter of a single Journal for the Union was discussed. Both the Cape and Transvaal had vested interests in their respective publications, the Cape in its proprietory periodical, of which Delbridge, as editor, was particularly proud stating we consider we have the largest subscription advertising medium in South Africa (SAAR, Sept 1923: 86 in Herbert 1975:16).