South African Architectural Record


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The member of the TPIA operated from a position of perceived strength after the gathering for the Conference on Architectural Education (1923) when it decided to change the name of their local journal from 'Building to the South African Architectural Record. The first issue appeared in 1925 under the editorship of EM POWERS. He only edited one issue before migrating to Durban and the role was taken over in a temporary capacity by EH WAUGH. This he did out of a sense of duty to the profession but the journal 'lacked the clarity, precision, and sense of direction of its predecessors. Qualitatively it left much to be desired ...' (Herbert 1975:17).

Further to the promulgation of 'The Architects' and Quantity Surveyors' Private Act (18 of 1927), the Journal of the TPIA was resolved to be the official Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (ISAA) (SAAR 1927(??);??).'

The SA Architectural Record served from 1927 as the official journal of the ISAA, the Provincial Institutes and the Chapter of Quantity Surveyors. In addition to special features of architectural interest, the ‘Record’ from time to time published official pronouncements by these bodies.

Shortly after Stanley FURNER, having just joined the University of the Witwatersrand School of Architecture resigned his membership from the TPIA to be appointed Editor in 1926, having already contributed a ground-breaking article on the Modern Movement. He edited the journal for just under three years, introducing a crisper and contemporary form to the journal. He resigned his position as editor when he entered into private practice. (Herbert 1975:20-21).

In 1928 Professor Geoff PEARSE took over as Editor.

In 1957 it was under the editorial control of the TPIA (of 607 Kelvin House, Marshall Street, Johannesburg) and published under agreement by Messrs. Lawrence H. Tearle & Company (of 206/8 Jubilee House, 15 Simmonds Street, Johannesburg) (ISAA 1959:179).