Early women in South African architecture


There was a time when women were the exception rather than the rule in the profession. The dawn of the C20 gave rise to the Sufragette movement and the admission of women to parliament of the Union of South Africa from 1930, when white women were given the vote and the right to serve as senators and Members of Parliament on the same basis as white men. Their status has gradually changed in the profession but there is still imbalance, even in the C21 in the representation of women in the architectural profession in South Africa. This entry lists some of the pioneering women in the South African architectural profession.

GRAY, Sophia Wharton Myddleton (Sophy) (1814 01 05 - 1871 04 24)
SAUER, Magdalena Gertruide (Magda) (1890 05 06 - 1983 10 10)
GOODRICKE, Gwynneth Gertrude (1900 08 24 - 1988 09 18)
COWIN, Elizabeth (1912 04 02 - ?)