Border Historical Society


The local historical society based in East London. Chairperson is William MARTINSON.

The Border Historical Society's aims are as follows:

  1. - To promote interest in the colourful history of East London and the Eastern Cape.
  2. - To identify historical buildings and heritage sites, and to gather all available information concerning them for purposes of record and preservation.
  3. - To be aware of the important primary sources of information on local history and encourage these to be lodged in a recognised archive.
  4. - To endeavour to produce a journal biannually.
  5. - To collect and record the memories and reminiscences of local inhabitants.
  6. - To organise visits to places of historical interest.
  7. - To organise lectures on matters of historical interest.
  8. - To mount a protest in the event of any historic site or building being threatened with destruction.
  9. - To establish contact with existing societies pursuing similar interests and to encourage the establishment of affiliated societies.

Contact Details:

Email address: border.historical.society@gmail.com

Gordon Campbell
083 284 6173

Lorraine Cockcroft
083 381 2667

William A. Martinson
083 325 9600