Hollinshead and Burton


Other names: Cox and Son (1874-1880), Drew and Co. (1880-3), Moore and Co. (1883-97), Hollinshead and Burton (1897-1902), A.B. Burton (1902-33)
Foundation date: 1874

Active: 1874 - 1939

Function: Bronze foundry, bronze statue manufacturer

History or description: The foundry was established in Summer Road, Thames Ditton, in 1874 by Cox and Sons, a large firm of ecclesiastical furnishing suppliers, to cast ornaments and statues in bronze. A hand operated gantry crane, which moved the entire foundry floor to facilitate all major lifting work, was an integral part of the building constructed for this work.

The business, which produced a large number of major castings, became Drew and Co in 1880, then Moore and Co in 1883, and was taken over by Arthur John Hollinshead and Arthur Bryan Burton in 1897. After the death of Hollinshead in 1902, the foundry acquired the title of A.B. Burton, which it retained until his death in 1933. Burton's son in law, L.R. Tricker, closed the business and sold the foundry in 1939, when it seemed likely that it would be taken over for munitions manufacture. Thereafter it was used by London Metal Warehouses for making industrial castings, and then by Metal Centres Ltd, as a metal warehouse, until 1971-2 when it was sold to the District Council. The foundry was demolished in 1976.

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