A bar is a place which sells alcoholic and other beverages on the premises. Most bars are attached to other buildings such as hotels. Some restaurants have a bar area where customers can sit while waiting for a table. Some bars supply meals which are generally referred to as a 'Pub Lunch', Pub being the common term for a Bar in the United Kingdom.

Bar buildings on this website

Alexandra Beer Hall: c1940. Alexandra, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Castle Beer Hall: 1939. Johannesburg, Gauteng
City Club Bar: n.d.. Cape Town, Western Cape
City Tramway Hotel - City Tramway Bar: n.d. : 1902 : 1931. Cape Town, Western Cape
George Bar, reconstruction: 1930. Kimberley, Northern Cape
Shakespeare Bar, rebuilt: 1932. Cape Town, Western Cape
Ship Tavern: 1892. Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Silver Tree Bar: n.d. : 1905. Central, Cape Town, Western Cape
Star of the West Public House: 1907. Kimberley, Northern Cape
Welcome Beer Hall: 1937. Mayfair West, Johannesburg, Gauteng