Egoli Heritage Foundation



The Simon van der Stel Foundation, known today as Heritage South Africa, was established in 1959 and is currently the largest and oldest national non-governmental organisation involved in heritage conservation in South Africa.

Heritage SA is a non-profit section 21 company with many affiliated branches.

The Egoli Heritage Foundation (EHF) established in the early 1980s, is the affiliated body based in Johannesburg. Herbert PRINS is presently the Acting Chairman, supported by a committee of interested and concerned people.

The EHF is a voluntary organisation involved in creating awareness of the importance of conserving our heritage. Its members are dedicated to heritage in general and take steps to protect buildings in danger of demolition due to neglect, or ignorance of the law.

One of the projects of the EHF is the raising of plaques on heritage buildings. Not only is the history of the building researched, but the EHF finances the cost of the plaque when the owner of the property cannot afford to pay. Generally, however a small extra amount is added to the cost of manufacturing and this small profit is used to fund heritage causes when these arise. The distinctive blue plaques adorn many of the worthy buildings in Johannesburg, and further afield.

In addition to the plaques which it initiates, the EHF works closely with other heritage bodies who motivate for plaques to be placed on other heritage resources.

The EHF also organises tours and events that take place at heritage buildings which are usually accompanied by lectures on some aspect of heritage.

MARCH 2013

Submitted by William MARTINSON