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Author:Walton, James
Title:The Josephine mill and its owners : the story of milling and brewing at the Cape of Good Hope
Place:Cape Town; Johannesburg
Publisher:Historical Society of Cape Town; Witwatersrand University Press

Detailed description of the mill and the lives of its owners. Also provides a historical record of every watermill which existed in Cape Town and vicinity, covering a time space of over three hundred years from the first burgher settlement along the Liesbeek River to the present day. 96 pages with maps and photographs. (Source: Quagga Books, Kalk Bay)

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Josephine Mill - Now Museum, 1840 : 1975-1987 restoration, Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp All
Mariendahl Brewery, 1879, Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 63-65