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Author:Potgieter, DJ (Editor-in-chief)
Title:Standard Encyclopaedia of South Africa [SESA] Volume 6 Hun-Lit
Place:Cape Town

Chapters/Entries in this book

JONES, William Oliver

Lewcock, EBF235
KENDALL, Franklin Kaye

Marriott Earle, L326
KOHLER, Charles William Henry

Joelson, Anette (Sourced)429
Van Riebeeck's Hedge.

Burman, Jose473

Buildings linked to this book

Drostdy, 1822 - c1828, Makhanda (Grahamstown), Eastern Cape. pp 235
Drostdy - Now Museum, 1824, Worcester, Western Cape. pp 235
Kramat of Sheikh Yusuf, 1925, Macassar, Western Cape. pp 454-455
Van Riebeeck's Hedge, 1660, Bishops Court, Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, Western Cape. pp 473

People or firms linked to this book

JONES, William Oliver. pp 235
KENDALL, Franklin Kaye. pp 326-327
KÖHLER, William Henry. pp 429