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House Meiring
Durbanville, Western Cape

COLYN and MEIRING: Architect


SITUATED in the country near Durbanville, this house shows a clear definition in plan as well as in elevation of living area in the middle, bedrooms and bachelor flat on the two sides.

A drive under a pergola to a deep carport provides protection from car to front door.

The house faces north-east and enjoys a panoramic view of the Groot Drakenstein mountains.

All rooms with stable doors lead out onto a covered stoep and find their focal point in the swimming pool on the expanse of lawn in front of the house.

The house provides for a number of different types of living: small children during school holidays, elderly people and a bachelor.

In its disintegrated plan the house gives a maximum feeling of spaciousness.

The pool has three levels (not noticeable when full) -1 ft. (0.3m), 6 ft. (1.83m), and 3 ft. (0.91m) in depth for use by different age groups.

Ref: Wale, Laurie (editor) c. 1964. New Home Building Ideas – Architects' Plans for Southern Africa. Purnell & Sons, Johannesburg: pgs 43-44.

[Submitted by William MARTINSON]

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