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Shree Muruga Kadaval Temple
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Suberayaloo Palani CHETTY: Architect
Type:Hindu Temple
Street:Jacobs Road

The Shree Muruga Kadaval temple in Jacobs Road, though after more than 50 years (1982) still in "illegal" occupation of its site, is one of the best-kept and most frequently visited complexes in Durban. Framed on the west by the Southern Freeway, and on the east by a bustling shopping street, it is ideally situated for the many festivals which are celebrated in the area. Reputed to stage the best firewalking ceremony in Durban, it also still organises the all-night drama - 'Thero Kuthu' - on the eve of that celebration. The participants with their beautifully-made headdresses, ornaments and clothes reenact the last stages of the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Like the temples of the other conservative congregations in the area, the individual buildings are dedicated to the gods of power and destruction. Shree Muruga (Subrahmanya) is in the main temple with Idumban in his shrine as guardian at its entrance. The Mariaman temple is situated to the south.

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