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House Bosch
White River district, Mpumalanga

Norman Musgrave EATON: Architect

Client:Esias Bosch


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25°21'17.44" S 31°02'18.68" E Alt: 879m

New pottery studio and dwelling for Mr. Esias Bosch on kopje site outside White River, Mpumalanga. A note on this drawing reads "refer to my letter to Valerie dated 15.3.61". The house and studio sit very comfortably on the site. Forms and layout are more informal and simple, while reminiscent of the Greenwood House of earlier where circular and rectangular forms are combined. Sequences of spaces are contained, and held together in the overall layout. Note the articulation of transitional spaces between different forms. A granary-like form holds the water tanks for the studio, while the kitchen yard for the house has now been transformed into a circular "kitchen kraal". The living room is positioned so as to make the most of the beautiful views toward the north. Due to the tight budget, gum pole construction was used together with bagged brick textures. The tower, with monkey heads, reminds of east African Aksumite architectural traditions. The house and studio were not built exactly to the plans – perhaps because of the rock bank on the site.

(Pienaar 2013:116-117)

Books that reference House Bosch

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