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Historic Dwellings (72-76)
Potchefstroom, North West

John William GAISFORD: Architect
Street:Lombard Street

During the years directly after the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) there was a revival in building activity. The history of these houses is linked with the history of Potchefstroom. The original owner of stand 75 was Christoffel Lombard, after which it was transferred to Carl Olën in 1907 (72 Lombard Street). Olën arrived from Sweden at the age of 17 in 1863, and started working for Charles Reid. By 1874 he was the owner of 25 ox-wagons and transported goods between Durban and Potchefstroom. He was also a pioneer in the milling industry of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek.

In 1907, 76 Lombard Street was transferred to Helen Harriet Gaisford, wife of architect and lawyer John GAISFORD. All three houses (72, 74 and 76) were built by him. John GAISFORD was also among the first motorcar owners in Potchefstroom. In 1920, Stand 75 (74 Lombard Street) was subdivided and Israel Solomon took transfer of a section of it. These houses date back to the late-Victorian/ early Edwardian era and were probably built in 1900. Two of the houses (74 and 76) are almost identical. Of particular interest is the cast-iron lattice (broekie-lace) work on the roof combs and both houses have gables.

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Books that reference Historic Dwellings (72-76)

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