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Klapmuts for Duckitt
Klapmuts, Western Cape

Louis Michel THIBAULT: Architect

William Duckitt (1768 – 1825) was the son of the UK agriculturalist William Duckitt snr, the inventor of several farming implements. William jnr. arrived at the Cape in 1800, with the instruction from the British government to introduce modern farming techniques here. After inspecting various properties in the interior, he selected the government farm Klapmuts as an experimental farm and received money to finance his agricultural experiments.

Towards the end of the British occupation in 1803 he decided to remain at the Cape, and signed an oath of submission to the Batavian Republic. He was secretary to the Agricultural Board for some years, and was in charge of its experimental station near Darling. He became a successful private farmer and settled on a wheat and livestock farm near Mamre in 1815, where his son continued after his death in 1825.

Extracted from S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science

Submitted by Lila Komnick.

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